OnlineLogistics comes to fulfil the needs of expedition houses in their mission to make the transportation of goods as optimum as possible.

The needs of every expedition house are: organizational, centralization of data, simultaneous easy data access and not last data security.

OnlineLogistics offers a solution to these needs. Using the application you can manage the orders, the companies you work with, the financial status, all in a close relation that offers a thorough control of your data.

Thus, you eliminate the need of using programs such as Microsoft Excel that requires a licence. Your data is kept safe and is always accessible where an Internet connection is available. You can also access the application using a mobile photo.

The application assists you when you submit data to the server taking care of the possible errors that might occur. Also, you have the possibility to add more users (for every employee) and you can control the modules of the application the user has access to: the orders module, the companies module, the payments module, the admin module, the statistics module.

Briefly: OnlineLogistics is your ideal business partner..



Your advantages:

A complete solution for data organisation.

Accessible from anywhere, including from your mobile phone.

Assistance in data input and validation.

Data security and integrity, using state of the art servers in Germany (daily backup copies).

Detailed statistics, separable for every user.

Simultaneous data usage for every employee.

Preferential access to application modules for every user.

Constant support and constant application updates will be offered so you can enjoy the latest application updates.

Technical support by email and by phone. For details please visit out contact page.